A truly inspirational character, Steve has been great to work with and is someone who will always bring an innovative and positive point of view to a project discussion or business opportunity. I’ve watched him work with film directors and am always delighted at the level of creativity and passion he brings to a production, the result of his intimate knowledge of the industry and his being a consummate professional on all levels. He’s also been a good friend and confidant, a rare and valued commodity these days.

- Steve Walmsley, former Managing Director of Mere Mortals Post Production

Being a successful Producer is an incredibly difficult balance of qualities to get right, but Steve achieves it with apparent ease. He has a wealth of experience in the complex mechanics of production - the business of commissioning, seeking finance, budgeting, planning and all the unglamorous, tough work a Producer has to do to get a project off the ground. But Steve is able to combine this with a fantastic creative enthusiasm for his projects, one that infects all his collaborators and ultimately shows in the quality of his body of work. He also possesses that rare ability to see through his own excitement and enthusiasm for a project, and retain the ability to take clear, pragmatic decisions.

- Patrick Morris, Sound Designer and Mixer.

As a composer on one of Steve's films, I can say he's a real joy to work with - on the ball, patient and honest. Would love to work together again on a film in the near future.

- Patrick Hawes, Composer

I've worked with Steve both through DigitalCity and as a filmmaker in my own right. Steve has a wealth of knowledge and experience, a deep understanding of the industry he works in, relentless energy; and if he's working on a project, an absolute commitment to seeing it delivered successfully. And working with him is easy - he's a great guy.

- Mark Elliott, former CEO of DigitalCity Business and commercial and corporate film maker

I have worked with Steve across numerous projects and he is always a pleasure to work with. As a Producer he is incredibly creative, knowledgeable and supportive. His impressive folio of work is complimented by his reputation for interesting and original projects and good working relationships - no one has a bad word to say about working with him!

- Andy Smith, Concept Developer and Copywriter 

I worked with Steve on short films as well as being mentored and sharing an office with him for a several years. Steve is a feature film producer with a lot of knowledge and experience. He is tough in his negotiations and great to play ball with if you need advice. He has produced some outstanding films and knows how to find new talent and develop it!

- Kaja Amundsen, Producer